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"Architects have a mind for unity… Simple ironmongery is to a building what buttons are to a shirt—both accentuate colour and design qualities when they are elegant, but disturb the unity if they are gaudy." So says Knud Holscher, designer of the d line™ products and of numerous award-winning projects from "airports to universities and from baby prams to eyeglass frames" (*)

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M-shaped lever handle

Circular pull handle

Prof. Holscher's elegant and ergonomic designs are achieved by bending steel tube to a radius which equals the diameter of the tube, with no crimping or creasing.

In the case of the bathroom and commercial washroom series, only sheet metal 1.5mm thick is used (approximately twice as thick as other products) for a solid presentation and exceptional durability.

Waste paper bin and dispenser


The material of production is always high-quality stainless steel: d line™ uses only AISI 316 Stainless Steel which outperforms alloys with less molybdenum and nickel in accelerated corrosion tests by a factor of 3 to 1.

Stainless Steel Technical Details Performance Characteristics >>>

Anyone who has experienced the smooth, substantial feel to operating d line™ handles with their ball-bearing roses knows how the products deliver overall aesthetic and operational satisfaction.

C-shaped lever handle

Another area in which d line™ excels is architectural signage. Building on a reputation of innovation around stainless steel products, dlinexsign™ has introduced product ranges based on new materials, text methods and a unique design expression. New indelible printing techniques using Ultragraving™, Ceramic Text™ and Heat Bonded Vinyl™ allow versatility with permanence. Full modular interchangeability is maintained by the Jigsaw™ fixing system while the Folio paper holder system provides rapid in-house updates. Many landmark buildings have been signed by the group both with standard sign systems and project-specific graphics enabling designers to realise their vision.

Steel with LED backlighting

Wood and steel with mirror-finish acrylic

Steel and folio with interchangeable inserts
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