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Meinertz offers a wide range of finned tubes, radiators, and convection grilles suitable for all forms of commercial and domestic heating, from completely discreet elements to bold design statements.

World-renowned architects specify radiator design from Meinertz, because of the site-specific solutions that Meinertz develops for landmark new buildings as well as restorations. These products can be individually adapted to any room—in terms of performance, shape, and color—thanks to highly advanced production facilities coupled with generations of experience.

Meinertz offers heating solutions in which quality is given priority, and for which excellent, timeless design is a must.

The ProLine convection grille series offers flexibility of design as never before. Meinertz offers site-specific design services to meet your heat output needs while blending with the overall aesthetic of the project. The system of grilles and water-bearing steel tubes requires only a 4” channel for installation, making it easy to install either below the floor or above it. In multi-story buildings with large glass façades where the falling cold air needs to be countered by convection heating, ProLine is the perfect solution. The ProLine grilles can be supplied without heating elements as well, to provide continuity where heat output is not needed. For extra performance, the ProLine Power product line offers steel tubes with welded fins. These convection grilles also give the possibility for establishing natural ventilation through ventilation channels to the outside façade. The natural ventilation is created through a filtered air intake under the convection unit, which can be set to operate automatically and with a manual shut-off option.

Convection grille

Convection grille

Convection grille

The ConLine and TopLine radiators are robust and compact in design, and, like all Meinertz products, offer high thermal performance ranging from 140 to 2,600 btu/lf. Since 1965, Meinertz has been supplying radiators in both standard and special types. The elegant and slim profiles offer the ideal solution for architects and civil engineers choosing visible convector installation, with widths ranging from 2” to 10”. ConLine is an attractive, open fin unit; TopLine is enclosed in the front and ends; TopLine-X is enclosed completely for a very minimal aesthetic; and TopLine-V is the fully enclosed model with an integral Danfoss thermostat, for exceptional stand-alone appearance and performance. Specialty configurations are also available, such as ZonLine (designed for low-temperature emission where only a slight correction in ambient temperature is needed) and SkyLine (vertical welded steel tubes to fit any space). Any configuration you can imagine, Meinertz will design.

Topline radiator

Topline radiator

Topline radiator

The Convec Comfort Panel series, including FloorLine radiators, are ready to install in a shallow trench that can be in the floor, walls, or anywhere you need the heat. By using a small motorized fan, heat from two copper finned tubes is directed into the space at a rate you control. Unlike panels with traditional flow control, the Convec panels' heat ouput is controlled by adjusting the fan speed, making for a very rapid adjustment in room temperature. The motor and fan are virtually silent, made with the care and quality you would expect from Meinertz. The discreet panels mix with any building style and purpose to deliver the quiet comfort of Convec.

FloorLine radiator

FloorLine Twin

Open finned tubes are an attractive, sculptural solution with particularly good thermal properties for new buildings and renovation projects. A steel strip is helically wound and welded directly onto the water-bearing steel tube. The corrugated lower fin area increases the surface area and creates a turbulent airflow for more efficient heating. Finned tubes can be supplied in straight or curved lengths of your choice, up to 6 meters (20') and with fin diameters from 73mm to 164mm (3" to 6.5").

All Meinertz products are available in any of the RAL Classic colors

Meinertz means you can design with heat, not design around it.

Finned tubes

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